Florida Conference - Home Missions
 Florida Conference -                   African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Home Missions
Theme:  "Helping Zion Grow At Home"
Mrs. Brenda Gant, Conference Director
Mrs. Katherine Christian , East                                                    Mrs. Pearl Curtis, West
Departmental Colors:  Brown | Gold
Brown:  the ground we tread when doing Home Missions.
Gold:  the honor and the work we do with pride and dignity.
Mission Statement:  To strive to establish assistance to Zion Societies and Clergy that are in need of developmental and financial support for perspective pastorla charges or property.  To foster growth and presence of Zion societies in target areas.
- Meet congregational needs
- Facilitating resources for pastors and congregations
- Search out societies who are in need
- Work closely with the Bishop and Presiding Elders to identify areas wher Zion                  
   Societies may be placed.
- Raise funds to support the work of Church Extension and Home Missions
- Aide connectional office with national initatives and programs
National Initiatives:
Connectional Survey
Church Extension Sunday